Group Therapy: Collaborators

Carl Friberg

Jinglemeister turned Tokyo lounge crooner collaborated on several TIT classics like In the Shadow of Hitler, High Class Trash, White Girls Can’t Dance.

Miguel Plasencia

DJ, producer and remixer clubbed up TIT’s dance records. Collaborated on Yer No Jack Kennedy, Shockwave, Baby Baby Ooh Ooh.

Guy Roche

Tahitian producer, engineer. Collabs: Paint it Pink, Hopeless Romantic, Crazy Ruthless Rhythm, First to Get it Last to Lose It.

Carol Hannan

“that little guy” and original co-Tyrant. Art directed TIT’s early visual vibe (see 3 People [Nude Below the Waist] cover). Collabs: Twisted Life, 3 People Nude Below the Waist, High Class Trash, Sheer Hell in Beverly Hills.

Jim Callon

Ur hippie who engineered seven P-Funk LPs. His JDC Records released several TIT records: Om Shanti Om, Three People (Nude Below the Waist), Paint It Pink, Too Tuff to Cry, Crazy Dreams, Sex Bomb, Call of the Wild.

Brenda X

Her sweet BG voice can be heard on Too Tuff to Cry. She fled the group following a gender bending dressing room experience at Limbo Lounge in WeHo.

Stina Hokinson

3rd TIT by way of Michigan and Opryland. Got all the live gigs Brenda X missed from success of Too Tuff to Cry. Toured Mexico City with TIT.

Jeff Bennett

His bedroom in Irvine becomes 1st TIT project studio. Collabs: Boy, Ain’t Over Yet, Brunette’s Life, December Blue, A Drug Saved My Life, Down in Flames Together, Don’t Be Scared, So What, Beat is Correct.


from Montreal, Trans X, and regions beyond. Wrote and produced Living On Video. Collabs: Om Shanti Om, Truth Don’t Lie, Alive But Not Living, His Heart Turned to Stone.

Bryan Zee

Aussie audio engineer, helped record numerous TIT demos, mixed most of “Meet TIT” and “High Class Trash.”