Group Therapy: Collaborators

Debra De Liso

a.k.a. Ophelia Bloom, the Mobile Sex Therapist. This multi-talented Director, Actor, Dancer has directed many TIT sketches.

John Voldstad

Best known as one of the Daryls on the “Bob Newhart Show,” John brings his clowning antics and English stage-training to TIT’s sketches as Dr. Faustino Vinegretti, Buffoon Therapist.

Time Winters

With Shakespearean grandeur, and a dash of Karloff,  Time graces the Tyrants’ TV shows as Dr. Theodore Von Dongle, the host and guide for TIT on TV.

Tracy Winters

Actor/Director. This luminous comedienne limns the role of Louise La Faux, the ambitious real estate agent with a past.

Oto Brezina

aka Dr. Alberto Cabeza, psychiatrist at Casa de Trembling Oaks. Has appeared in numerous independent films playing everything from cannibalistic psychos to…well, The Tyrants’ psychiatrist.

Jennifer Taub

She lights up the screen as pushy Shelley Schlumpmeister, TIT’s next-door-neighbor on Mona Lisa Hill.

Jaxon Gwillim

a.k.a. Sheldon Schlumpmeister, is long, lanky, funny, and has appeared in numerous stage and film productions.

Bobby Robles

This hot guitarist hooked up with the Tyrants to write such inspired songs as “Apocalypso” and “Sex is Back.” In his spare time, he is lead guitar in Thee Midniters.

Jimmy Espinoza

Godfather of East L.A. rock and a co-founder of Thee Midniters. A Tyrants’ supporter since the early 90s, he is an invaluable sounding board for TIT’s live shows and recordings.

Daniel Walker

Maestro D is a composer for both film and orchestra. A frequent TIT collaborator on several songs including “The Ballad of TIT,” he has arranged many others with his tasteful musical palette.