Group Therapy: Collaborators

Eric Robi

Cool-hand Eric’s digital photos and videography has captured many a classic Tyrant move in concert, on location and at play.

Hirth Martinez

L.A. based hipster and the Tyrants have co-written such TIT favorites as “That Was Then, This is Now.”

Gerry Perissi

Frat boy turned photog often journeys up from the O.C. to shoot TIT.

Sabby Rayas

Mid 80s wunderkind of East LA HiNRG. His beat heavy jams hit big with Desire, Lisa Smith, and Too Tuff to Cry with TIT

Beth Sharon

“Breath,” the former lead singer for Cherry Wednesday can be heard on BG vox on “Shadow of Hitler.” Occasional sub on TIT live gigs in late 80’s.

Pierre Gonneau

“Lucky Pierre” – Veteran of 5 decades in radio, he co-founded Sheik Records, introduced TIT to Sabby, and was spiritual godfather for the LA 80s disco scene ( Stacy Q, Desire, Bardeux, Lisa Smith, and TIT).

Duncan Faure

Singer, songwriter, guitar, keys, BG vox extraordinaire. Went from Rabbit (w/Trevor Rabin) to Rollers (Bay City) to Karu with Stuart (Woody) Woods. TIT collabs: Surrounded, Hello Someone, Ain’t Gonna Miss U at All, Truth About You, Get Down and Love Me.

Charles Lamont

South Bay lounge lizard and LoFi genius, “Charlie X” TIT collabs include Underground Girl of the World, Jungle Adventure, Steven Sex, Hung Up on Funk, Fairly Reliable Rumor.

Maureen Mahon

“Mo Mo” was the tallest Tyrant and appeared on 2 covers but never sang on record. Left for solo cabaret career.

Peter Burke

Music publisher and early Tyrant supporter bankrolled very first TIT sessions, co-founded Trusted Brain with The Tyrant Michael