Music Connection

The Tyrants in Therapy
Taix’s 321 Lounge, Echo Park, CA
Sept 21,2009

Reviwed by Adam Pompili

The Players:  Michael J, vocals; Abbe/Abbe, vocals.

Material:  It is uncharacteristic of Music Connection to review comedy acts. However, this team, consisting of two veterans of music, comedy, film and television, shed new light on the mock-musical scene. The twosome blend hokey and sometimes circus-like music with an in-your-face comedic approach to some of our nation’s most debatable topics. The Tyrants in Therapy happily offend. Insult and make light of serious subjects for the sake of comedy. The contrast between anti-establishment statements and Hitler references performed to the sounds of polka backbeats, R&B grooves and rock & roll themes seems to always leave the crowd rolling with laughter and begging for more.

Musicianship:  Although the duo never plucks a string or beats a drum, they sing in fairly pleasant harmony. Michael J adds texture to the accompaniment by offering maracas along with salsa and reggae motifs, while Abbe/Abbe shows off her vocal ability on “Apocalypso.”

Performance:  The Tyrants are a polished comedy duo who understand their audience. The entire set was based on timing. With rarely a lull in the action, the two musical comedians playfully enjoyed their time on stage and acted out their characters with flawless certainty. Having their performance down to a science kept the pace between songs flowing from one genre to the next with small interludes to tell jokes and build for the next musical onslaught of comedic declarations.

Summary:  A group who has seen the best and worst of the entertainment industry, the Tyrants in Therapy are taking on Hollywood again, on their terms. These two likeable characters offer musical comedy as a side dish to a special brand of dark humor, leaving the audience hysterical and highly entertained.