Emotional Coathanger Records
Review by: Christopher Thelen

Smarter than the average listener would expect. Lighter moments include the English language version of “Je T’aime (Moi Non Plus)” and the 16-second interlude “Doubt and Pain.” While tracks like “Boy, ” “Om Shanti Om” (enjoyable in both its mixes presented here) and “Sex Is Back” (delivered almost in a Madonna-becomes-newscaster style by Abbe Kanter) get you up and dancing. Titles like “In The Shadow Of Hitler” and “Yer No Jack Kennedy” might leave listeners thinking that Tyrants In Therapy are a novelty band – and while they do enjoy moments of levity, they mean business. Meet The Tyrants In Therapy proved to be a more pleasant introduction to this group than I had expected – and now I’m glad to say I know the band and their music. Chances are this disc will thrill you as well.