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The Tyrants in Therapy “Apocalypso” (from their High Class Trash cd)

Any good Friday night party needs humor & Tyrants in Therapy are more than happy to supply that. Sneak this cut in anywhere & you’ll have people roiling on the floor laughing for at least three minutes. Old fashioned margaritaville calypso music added to the book of Revelation. I personally can’t wait to try this one out at my next meeting with the prophecy enthusiasts at the church – this will test their sense of humor. I know Chuck Missler, my favorite end times instructor, will giggle. “When it all came down, it was a sad day indeed for every organism from billionaires to weeds!” LOL!!! “The sky overheated, and the sun got real hot!” STOP!!! You’re hurting my side! “and the earth started smoking like a rastaman’s pot!” ARRGGHHH!!! You guys are killing me HAHAHA!!! I’m laughing too hard to share the rest with you, just know if you love to laugh a lot, you’re going to love blasting this at your next party. To hear the track, select the CD entitled High Class Trash below, and it’s the first cut. Enjoy!

Tyrants Mix Up A Retro-Quirky Cocktail- by Brian Henry/ cdbaby.com

Tyrants Mix Up A Retro-Quirky Cocktail- by Brian Henry/ cdbaby.com

Listening to this generously filled new release from the Tyrants in Therapy is a little like spending a night with a garrulous, entertaining French riverboat gambler.  You don’t know exactly what’s around the next bend in the river, but you can be pretty sure it’ll be entertaining.  The iconoclastic Tyrants mix up a fun brew of eighties influences (you may be reminded of the B-52s and the Human League) and sardonic social commentary to create a set that’s provocative and sly. The Tyrants are never afraid to put a wild spin on controversial subjects from gender roles to global warming.  In ‘My Masculinity’, Abbe Abbe turns the table on macho men and provides a sultry, surprising response to a typical gang of sexist lugs, while ‘Apocalypso’ is an instantly memorable party soundtrack for a vivid environmental meltdown.  The Tyrant Michael displays an unsentimental take on the travails of ‘My Dying Girlfriend’ on another album highlight in which the Tyrant gives a dry, matter-of-fact take on his love life.  In their live performances and video work the Tyrants have mastered an off-kilter sensibility that permeates the album and will appeal to fans who like a touch of satire with their music, shown in songs like ‘BS Hollywood’, ‘Zodiac’ and ‘At The Cowboy Lounge’.   The album closes with another highlight, the jaunty ‘Ballad of the Tyrants in Therapy’ which fills in the groups’ surprising back story.  But there are lots of surprises in this set, a great soundtrack for a neurotic night in L.A.
– Brian Henry

BVSreviews.com High Class Trash review

Trashy Tyrants
Reviewed by Bruce Von Stiers June 17, 2009
I was told about a really fun and cool album recently. It is by a duo who call themselves The Tyrants in Therapy or TIT for short. The album is titled High Class Trash.
Tyrants In Therapy is made up of Michael J (The Tyrant Michael) and Abbe Kanter (AbbeAbbe).
They have done comedy sketches, cabaret styled shows and the like. They supplemented their meager show income with some dance track music, having a few minor hits back in the mid ’80’s.
Tyrants In Therapy have been called a “cross between The Eurythmics and Mel Brooks.” Their lyrics are wickedly funny and the music in their songs are a delicious blend of electronica.
Listening to the tracks of High Class Trash, I hadn’t had so much fun listening to an electronica styled album since reviewing James Venable’s Holding Space.
High Class Trash has twenty-one songs and lasts over an hour.
There are several musicians who helped out on the album including Daniel Walker, Louis Ruiz, Bobby Robles and Kevin Jarvis.
The Truth Hurts is up first. It will remind you a bit of The Eurythmics in haunting, yet fluid vocals by AbbeAbbe. There is also some too cool Middle Eastern styled synth going on in the song.
Ain’t Over Yet has some high energy dance music behind The Tyrant Michael’s lead vocals.
The System brings forth a kind of ‘60’s psychedelic film soundtrack mode.
Apocalypso is a definite tongue-in-cheek Caribbean laden song.
Psychoactive is a hot dance track with limited vocals.
Poking fun at astrology and country music, Zodiac brought a fast smile to my face.
Saturday Night Live might have been an off-center ode to Neil Young.
Bluesy rock permeates My Masculinity.
BS Hollywood might have been Dire Straits lite with a touch of Debbie Harry or even The Runaways.
An anthem like dance track can be found in Once Upon A Time.
Another hot dance track is Don’t Be Scared.
Funky and fun, Cowboy Lounge is short but packs a lot of tough energy.
My Dying Girlfriend has some slick music and damning lyrics about blame and non-acceptance.
Other-worldly dance music backs AbbeAbbe’s lilting vocals in Angels Remember. The music in this song could have been found on an Annie Lennox album.
One of the 80’s hits I mentioned earlier is 3 People Nude Below The Waist. It is revisited on this album. Super hot dance track music here will make you want to move your body as soon as it begins.
The Theme From Tammy’s Revenge is a song that will draw instant comparisons to James Venable.
In case you don’t know who he is, Venable is the genius behind soundtrack for The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Scary Movie 4, Clerks 2 and all kinds of electronica styled music. Anyway, this song is a way cool electronica extravaganza.
Words Like That is about not sex oriented words spoken between men and women that shouldn’t be said.
Doubt & Pain Disco has a definite ‘80’s dance / pop feel to it.
The title track, High Class Trash, is a fun song that has sort of a sideways “Monster Mash” or even a “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun” slant to it.
Almost Winter is a slow and endearing song with Tyrant Michael singing his heart out in front of aching piano music.
The album ends with a very funny and funky tune called The Ballad of The Tyrants In Therapy.
The Tyrants In Therapy are most certainly off-center. But they are so fun to listen to. High Class Trash is a prime example of how much fun mixing comedy and music can be.
Check out the outrageously funny and funky tunes of Tyrants in Therapy atwww.tyrantsintherapy.com.


Creativeloafing.com /10 word review

Kinda like a poor-man’s Eurythmics with splash of humor.
– Jeff Hahne

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