• Music Connection
    The Tyrants in Therapy Taix’s 321 Lounge, Echo Park, CA Sept 21,2009 Reviwed by Adam Pompili The Players:  Michael J, vocals; Abbe/Abbe, vocals. Material:  It is uncharacteristic of Music Connection to review comedy acts. However, ...
    MEET THE TYRANTS IN THERAPY Emotional Coathanger Records Review by: Christopher Thelen Smarter than the average listener would expect. Lighter moments include the English language version of “Je T’aime (Moi Non Plus)” and ...
    Tyrants In Therapy @ Lumpy Gravy. Tonight, a review about a duo that call themselves Tyrants In Therapy, an act that was described by a particularly vitriolic person I met recently ...
  • Immedia Wire Service
    CD Reviews by Scott G Combining pop music with surrealism can be instantly appealing but it’s a fine line between “trippy fun” and “comedy album.” Fortunately, the Tyrants in Therapy ...
  • Abbe/Abbe
    Born in L.A. Graduate of Antioch College. Attended ACT. Taught her own improv acting workshop. Had many stage, movie and TV acting credits before inventing The Tyrants in Therapy.
  • The Tyrant Michael
    Born in Detroit, raised in L.A. He wrote journalism, advertising and songs before The Tyrants in Therapy.
  • Performances
    For the most up to date information on our performances, check the Tyrants in Therapy Facebook page, and don’t forget to like us while you’re there.
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